Bundl Fertility

Getting pregnant is not as easy as everyone thinks.

With Bundl, when you package your entire IVF treatment you save.

the bundl story

Bundl is a unique fertility treatment program that allows patients to “bundle” together multiple cycles of IVF services for one reduced up-front cost.

  • We understand that the path to parenthood isn’t always straightforward.
  • We understand how uncertain your fertility journey can be.
  • We understand that infertility can be emotionally overwhelming and financially daunting.

At Bundl, we want you to be in control of your fertility journey.

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.

Desmond Tutu.
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of couples experience infertility
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experience miscarriage

Bundl is the culmination of many patient’s unique journeys through the fertility process. From our founder to our staff, we each have firsthand knowledge of how overwhelming IVF can be; both financially and emotionally. Our team is made up of patients that have dealt with diminished ovarian reserve, secondary infertility, surrogacy and more. We have used that knowledge to put together the program we all wish we had when we started our own journey.

With Bundl, fertility patients can easily build a treatment solution that best meets their needs. Where we shine is putting together your Bundl of treatments at a discounted cost, bringing you peace of mind and giving you fertility financial freedom.

Quick Facts

  • 1 in 8 couples experience infertility
  • 1 in 4 couples experience miscarriage.
  • The national average cost of basic IVF treatment in the US for a single round is between $12,000 and $15,000, and this may not factor in the medications, genetic testing, and other necessary services needed. 


Getting pregnant is NOT as easy as everyone thinks, and when you dive deep into the science of Reproductive Medicine, it’s kind of mind blowing that more people aren’t aware of the hurdles most people face in their family building journeys.

According to the most recent 2018 SART reporting, only 30% of IVF patients were successful from their first retrieval and transfer, and being fully transparent, successful outcomes are defined as a “live birth”. This means that the remaining 70% of those patients had to complete additional treatments. Some further research has in fact shown that it may take up to 6 IVF cycles to get most women under the age of 40 above the 60% success rate threshold.